Our DNA, where DaSilva Beans & Leafs stands for and what we do for you, you can read it here.

Our DNA: 1 – Dare to think different
DaSilva Beans & Leafs has a passion for coffee and tea and that’s what you taste. Our products are selected on the highest quality and only the best products are part of our range. DaSilva Beans & Leafs gives you the guarantee that our coffee is always freshly roasted and packaged by our roaster so we can say ‘Make the most of your everyday coffee’ to you. In addition, we select only the best tea for you. Our unique tea collections offer you a true ‘tea philosophy’. The professional team of DaSilva staff can help you find the right products.

Our DNA: 2 – Surprise each other with ideas
DaSilva Beans & Leafs wants, in a simple way, but with unique concepts and high and consistent quality, to offer you unique concepts for coffee and tea. We work customer focussed and with a clear and open business mind. Just as it should be…..

Our DNA: 3 – Consider others
All our coffee for the business market is 100% FAIRTRADE and is sustainably produced, certified with the FAIRTRADE-Max Havelaar, UTZ, Rainforest Alliance label or purchased via DIRECT TRADE, straight form the farmers. In this way we are sure that there is fairtrade throughout the production chain. DaSilva Beans & Leafs with her certification’s even was the first company in the coffee industry in the Netherlands that has passed on to 100% sustainable FAIRTRADE coffee.

Our DNA: 4 – Offer a solution for every question
DaSilva Beans & Leafs realizes that every customer is different. Your personal wishes and needs are our focus. We offer customized concepts, because we want you to enjoy the best coffee and tea that is suitable for your situation.

Our DNA: 5 – Start where others begin
DaSilva Beans & Leafs offers its customers only the best service. In case of failure we will solve your problems within 24 hours. For orders applies; ordered for 17.00 hrs, delivered the next day. For us it is important that you are satisfied.

Our DNA: 6 – Seek simplicity in complexity
The team of DaSilva Beans & Leafs has the necessary experience and expertise to provide you service in a professional manner. With our extensive knowledge, we do not think in problems but in solutions.

Our DNA: 7 – And do it with fun
For DaSilva Beans & Leafs our customers are our main priority. For us it is important that you are satisfied. We want to get to know you and to know your personal wishes and needs, so you get the attention you deserve. All employees of DaSilva Beans & Leafs are every day ready for you to answer your questions.