DaSilva Beans & Leafs is the first company in the vending industry that (since 2010) is 100% passed on sustainable Fairtrade coffee and Cacoa. DaSilva Beans & Leafs coffee and cacao is now certified with the Max Havelaar Fairtrade and UTZ certified label.

Sustainability is in the recent years becoming from a trend to a need that the government, enterprises and users have fuly embraced.The demand for sustainable and organic coffee and tea increased sharply. The move to 100% sustainable coffee and cocoa is a conscious choice with a view to the future. In the vision of DaSilva Beans & Leafs is talk of an irreversible process, because sustainability is also necessary to ensure quality on the long-term. The company expects to be the example for 100%  sustainable coffee and cocoa choice, followed by others.

“DaSilva Beans & Leafs, has screwed up the sustainability sharply by switching completely to Fairtrade certified coffee” says Peter d’Angremond, director of the Max Havelaar Foundation. He continues: “Fair trade and green trade is incorporated into the DNA of the company. Customers of DaSilva Beans & Leafs now always know that farmers receive a fair price in developing countries and work towards a better environment. The fair price proposes the farmers to invest in sustainable development, thinking of productivity improvements, a clean environment, good education and better health care.”

Aware Fairtrade
Fair trade for small farmers
Max Havelaar Foundation is an independent certification organization and doesnt  buy or sell any products by themselves.
The Max Havelaar Fairtrade guarantees that the products or raw materials have been purchased at fair trade conditions from cooperatives of small farmers and plantation workers in developing countries.
This allows them to strengthen their organization on their own and reinforce their trading position on the international market.

Aware Organic
The BIO label stands for an organic production way of coffee in origin. It guarantees an environmentally friendly cultivation, protection of biodiversity and the protection of the local ecosystem. There are no chemical fertilizers or synthetic chemical pesticides used.

On each product with an organic quality label is a number next to or under the brand. This is a unique code that indicates which company the product is coming from. For DaSilva Beans & Leafs this is Skal 026 863.
The numbers used are under continuous, strict control.

The full transition to sustainable coffe and cocoa from DaSilva Beans & Leafs fits in perfectly at the sharp rising demand for ‘pure beans’ coffee and ‘whole leaf’ tea. Between the crowds just taking time for Quality Time, “just enjoying” a good cup of coffee or tea. In our busy lives became a coffee or teabreak a necessary rest.

The user of a coffee and tea machine has become more demanding, quality and price have always been important, but in addition, pure taste, atmosphere and appearance, convenience and speed become important parts. In a tailor-made concept by DaSilva all these aspects get full attention. “Sustainable coffee” and “organic tea” stand by DaSilva Beans & Leafs at the beginning of a new aromatic and fragrant episode in our rich existence.