We want to do business with vision and responsibility. The health, safety and development opportunities for the staff and the impact of its activities on the enviroment playing an important role in our business.

Dasilva Beans & Leafs uses equality in opportunities and treatment for all employees, regardless of race,color,sex,religion,political opinion,nationality,social background or any other distinguishing characteristics. DaSilva Beans & Leafs ensures that all processes run under conditions where sufficient and adequately take into account the health and safety of those involved. DaSilva Beans & Leafs offers its employees the opportunity to develop further through training.
External DaSilva Beans & Leafs will not accept that child labor or forced labor occurs at its suppliers. Periodically we will inventor and evaluate.
By irregularities we approach our supplier and end the relationship if necessary.

In many parts within its business is DaSilva Beans & Leafs active in dealing responsibly with the environment.These observations include the energy consumption, waste separation and disposal of chemical waste. In our business premises are a large number of cases realized that reinforce the above principle.

DaSilva Beans & Leafs operates a business that ensures the continuity of the company. Issues of employment, social inclusion, as well as the economic impact of the services and products, considers DaSilva Beans & Leafs of great importance. DaSilva Beans & Leafs acts on the base of fairness on all parts of the enterprise for all stakeholders.