Hot Chocolate is still popular, and customers becoming more aware and develop distinctive flavors. Hot Chocolate makes about 15% of your profits on winter drinks. Hot Chocolate by DaSilva is available in Original and Dark, and aimed at lovers of hot chocolate with all kinds of flavors from all over the world.

Hot Chocolate by DaSilva can also be used as cold chocolate drink too – on hot days you just mix it with ice. Or you can create interesting flavor variants, coconut with chocolate, chocolate orange, or even chili with chocolate.

DaSilva has a variety of Hot Chocolates of creamy and sweet to dark and rich, there is something for everyone.

All Hot Chocolates are approved for vegetarians and vegan diets.

The 100% Fairtrade Dark Hot Chocolate contains 32% cocoa from San Domingo, with fair trade sugar from Paraguay. This helps the farmers to have a fair price for there production and gives you as customer a clearer conscience.